Saturday, August 2, 2008

the beginning

so i have something on my mind. and basically it goes like this..
[we're laying down on his couch, i'm on top of him, and we're watching the basketball game, he begins to rub my back, his soft hands, they start at my shoulders and gently slide down my back, then touching my ass, this begins to turn me on, i start to like it, he then begins to grab my ass harder, i know he wants it even more then, by this time we're kissing very agressivly, he then begin to take on my panties, and i undress him as well, he then begins to tell me naughty things, whispering in my ear, shortly after that he starts kissing my stomach, and my waist and her just keeps going further, he then begins to go down on me, and my goodness it felt so right, ask i begin to climax, i begin screaming, and i'm getting louder and louder, and then......


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