Saturday, August 2, 2008


been there done that. do i regret it? yeah i do! but u know what, life goes on. i've been in the worst situation when it comes to cheating. basically what happen was.... he cheated on me with his ex, she got prego, had the baby, we fought, i stayed with him, found out he was cheating again, then finally cut him off. While this was all going on, i kinda thought he was cheating, but i wasn't sure. so I waited around for about a year and then caught his ass up. What i don't get the most is, why not just tell me instead of lyin all that time?? i just don't get it. but hey, its about 2 years later and i've moved on to BIGGER and BETTER things. if you think ur man is cheating leave him. don't wait around and then look like a fool in the end. NO woman needs that! my advice is to just move on..


♥ dye mund said...
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♥ dye mund said...

You right, that happened to me in the beginning of junior year [well without the baby makin lol]

but i was hella mad, i dont know why niggas just dont let you know they dont wanna be with you instead of cheatin. mad grimey.

but it seem like your in a happy relationship now ya kno?
just move on, you got good things goin for you dont stress the past